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First, get out of that couch and get moving. Go biking, for a hike or run. Decide whom you need to share your location with, start Locus Map and launch Live Tracking.

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Install Locus Map and launch Live Tracking

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Track your GPS position in real time

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Share your position publicly or with friends in a group

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Enjoy your shared adventure!

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Why is Locus Live Tracking the greatest service of its kind?

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Public and private group location sharing

  • Join public live tracking and share your track with the whole world OR...
  • Create your own private group secured with a password.
  • Invite your friends or family to your private group.
  • There's no need to have the app to see you live tracking.
  • Live Tracking creates an unique map webpage locked by your password.
  • Only invited visitors see you on map online.
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Share meeting points and chat with others

  • Open live tracking chat and communicate with others in your group.
  • Share any point from your personal database.
  • Make a date on a shared meeting spot.
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Public and private groups

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Public sharing

Everyone can see your live tracking session on the website.

Sharing your location data with the whole world.

No access limit.

Share your location now
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Private groups

You share your location and track only with your friends or family.

Access is protected with a private entry code.

Your location is displayed only in their apps or on a unique map webpage.

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User Guide

Detailed description of the service. Follow our instructions and set up everything quickly and easily.

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