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Let your pals or family know you’re safe. Share your position during your outdoor adventures in real time. Share meeting points. Chat with others in the group. Right here, right now!

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Why do you use Locus Live Tracking?

We've asked some of the most active live trackers for their opinions.



mountain biker from Austria

I use Live Tracking mainly on MTB tours. It increases my flexibility tremendously when starting at different times and/or locations and makes it easy to meet without fixed meeting points. In addition, there is a good sense of security on longer bike trips that your family knows where you are...

Śnieżna Pantera

Śnieżna Pantera

airsoft team from Poland

Locus Map with LiveTracking happened to be a big game changer for the way we do Airsoft. It allows us to see and communicate with each other. No matter the terrain and conditions. Even when radio fails. Along with extremely functional GPS it covers all our needs.



mountain e-biker from Belgium

I started an e-biker group on Facebook to share my passion in off road e-biking with others. I use Locus Live Tracking when out in the woods with my buddies on the e-bikes to know where everybody is. We can easily spot if someone in the group missed a turn.



mountain biker from Czech rep.

I use LT for my MTB rides so that my family knows where I am if I crashed somewhere in the woods. And when we get out together but each in different time it's very easy to meet - we just watch each other on map until we get together.

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